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Refrigeration engineer jobs. Viking refrigerator replacement parts.

Refrigeration Engineer Jobs

refrigeration engineer jobs

  • deliberately lowering the body's temperature for therapeutic purposes; "refrigeration by immersing the patient's body in a cold bath"

  • (refrigerant) any substance used to provide cooling (as in a refrigerator)

  • the process of cooling or freezing (e.g., food) for preservative purposes

  • A person qualified in a branch of engineering, esp. as a professional

  • design as an engineer; "He engineered the water supply project"

  • A person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works

  • a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems

  • mastermind: plan and direct (a complex undertaking); "he masterminded the robbery"

  • The operator or supervisor of an engine, esp. a railroad locomotive or the engine on an aircraft or ship

  • (job) occupation: the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money; "he's not in my line of business"

  • (job) profit privately from public office and official business

  • Steven (Paul) (1955–), US computer entrepreneur. He set up the Apple computer company in 1976 with Steve Wozniak and served as chairman until 1985, returning in 1997 as CEO. He is also the former CEO of the Pixar animation studio

  • (job) a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee; "estimates of the city's loss on that job ranged as high as a million dollars"; "the job of repairing the engine took several hours"; "the endless task of classifying the samples"; "the farmer's morning chores"

genetic engineering

genetic engineering

genetic engineering
could create the perfect race
could create an unknown life-force
that could us exterminate

introducing worker clone
as our subordinated slave
his expertise proficiency
will surely dig our grave

it's so tempting
will biologists resist
when he becomes the creator
will he let us exist

bionic man is jumping
through the television set
he's about to materialise
and guess who's coming next

x ray spex - genetic engineering (germ free adolescents, 1978)

Redneck Engineering

Redneck Engineering

Redneck Engineering, out of Liberty S. Carolina. this is a sportster/Buell. Gives me some Ideas.

refrigeration engineer jobs

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